Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Clinton To Begin Airing Ad Titled "Change"

Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton's campaign will begin airing their first New Hampshire television ad on WMUR and cable channels. The 30 second ad is entitled "Change" and focuses on Clinton's commitment to end the war in Iraq, provide universal healthcare, veterans healthcare and becoming energy independent. The ad also features footage from her Concord and Portsmouth labor day weekend rallies.

According to a campaign press release, the ad will be "touting Hillary’s experiences as a change agent."

Here is a transcript and the ad:

"We will change things in this country. Because we want it. Because we have one candidate who spent her life fighting for it. Standing up for our families, our children, our veterans."

"We will end this war. We will give health coverage to everyone. We will be energy independent."

"If we have the will, she has the strength. If we have the conviction, she has the experience. If we’re ready for change, she’s ready to lead."