Friday, September 07, 2007

Manchester Citizen Supports Richardson

This morning I received a first. For the first time since this blog started, I received two official "letters to the editor." I've decided to post the shorter letter. This letter is from Manchester citizen Patrick Arnold who is supporting New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

From Manchester citizen Patrick Arnold:

Bill Richardson is the only candidate campaigning the New Hampshire way.Sunday morning, my girlfriend and I went to the Red Arrow for breakfast. During our meal, I turned around to the commotion of voices and cameras and saw Gov. Richardson making his way through the diner. "Hi, I'm Bill Richardson. I'm running for President," he said, extending his hand for a shake. Glad to see him in New Hampshire again, I reminisced about how I saw him in Amherst on July 4 and he was the only Democratic candidate there.

Bill Richardson is speaking to individual voters. That is what New Hampshire demands from candidates. Other candidates host events with thousands of people. That's not the New Hampshire way. The celebrity candidates are not respecting our political traditions. New Hampshirites have never voted for a candidate unless the candidate looks them in the eye and asks for support. I don't understand the hype over these celebrity candidates. They don't get personal.

No celebrity candidate can rival Richardson's experience and record. No celebrity candidate can rival Richardson's fidelity to New Hampshire's traditions. Unlike other candidates, Gov. Richardson gets personal with voters. Isn't that what New Hampshire is about?