Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Obama Supporter: Yes, We As A People Are The Answer

This campaign summary was submitted by Michelle Young. Ms. Young is the Tilton town chair for Barack Obama's campaign:

Labor Day in New Hampshire. As we all know from the many news outlets, this weekend traditionally begins the Presidential Primary Season.

My Labor Day began at Veterans Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. The morning was crisp and sunny, and the energy in that park was just amazing. I was one of 1400 people waiting to see and listen to Senator Barack Obama. As Barack, Michelle, and their two daughters made their way to the staging area, "We Are Family" was playing over the PA system, and many young adults were chanting the "Obama '08" Mantra.The rest of us added to the joyful noise by clapping, yelling, and cheering. I was just warming up for the day.

Congressman Paul Hodes was the first to speak. Michelle then went to the podium to introduce her husband. She told us of his consistency as a person, and how he was persistent in all of his undertakings. She talked of his community organizing days, and how he felt that Americans, all Americans were important and capable of extraordinary accomplishments. Senator Obama started his Labor Day Speech by talking about Michelle, how she labors for their family, and honoring all of the work that she does. He reminded us the the American people were not the problem today, and reassured us that we were indeed the answer. Yes, we as a people are the answer.

After his speech, we all made a mad dash for the Labor Day Parade in Milford. I was very proud to be a part of that group, because as I looked around at the 400 Obama supporters, I saw America. We were young and old, black and white, proud men and women, wearing linen dresses, jeans, fancy hats, ball caps, and Grateful Dead bandannas. We were not one of the "cookie cutter" groups from other candidates that watched us having fun and yelling that we were "fired up" while waiting for the parade to begin.

I was very fortunate to be in the small group that walked behind Senator Obama riding in the red convertible, and in front of the two Chevy Suburbans that the Secret Service was driving. It is good day when the Secret Service has your back.

As we walked toward the Town of Milford, our supporters that were sporting drums broke into dance cadences which sent our Obama fans dancing and cheering his praises. I remember at one point, looking back and seeing the sea of 400 supporters coming down the hill behind us, smiling, laughing, and proudly carrying Obama signs. I had goosebumps on top of goosebumps.

The parade ended a mile and a half later, and as I was talking to a fellow supporter and discussing where we could buy a cold soda before walking back up the hill to our vehicles, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I looked down and saw that the first Maple leaf of fall had fallen and landed only a few inches from my feet

......Go. Let the Games Begin!