Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Supporter: Obama Can Bring Us Together To Make Change

Londonderry's Stacy Hinkley has submitted the following event summary from the Obama Manchester rally:

This Labor Day I brought my daughter with me to attend a rally in Manchester NH for Senator Barack Obama. The weather was perfect and the crowd was full of positive energy. We were energized as Obama spoke about how we as a people can really have an affect on this election, and possibly the country. Obama and I both know it will take a collection of active people to bring about change, and it is my strongest of feelings that Barack is the perfect candidate to bring about this change, by organizing us Americans and bringing us together in order to make changes that are so desperately needed.

Senator Obama is "my candidate" and I say this strongly. This is the first time I have been active in the election process, and I can truly feel the power of this entire process. Being active now and not just waiting until the primary is over is so important. I have been actively watching events on c-span for other candidates and attending events when possible to show my support for Barack. He may be looked at as a rock star by some, but in my inner most self, I feel he is far more than that. This man (Obama) I feel will be a future historical figure, a man who will bring on change one way or another. It's up to us to decide how . I feel Senator Obama is the right candidate at the right time. I encourage all to seek out his events and go see him in person. Be active in this process like never before!!