Thursday, September 06, 2007

Spin Room Quotes

Here's a couple quotes from the spin room:

Jim Merrill (Romney's NH State Director): "Tonight, Governor Romney distinguished himself from Rudy Giuliani who preceded over a sanctuary city." "On immigration, Iraq, Mitt Romney was the clear winner of the debate."

Former Missouri Senator Jim Talent (Supporting Romney): "These debates are getting to the point where they more or less have said what they've said before. That could change next week with General Petraus report." "Governor Romney did very well talking about immigration." "Governor Romney has a record that shows he can really change the system in Washington"

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (Supporting McCain): "people understand that he's the best prepared to be president." "Senator McCain demonstrated his knowledge of the world and refused to go for the cheap line." "John reinforced that he's flexible on immigration but that it's also a tough issue to deal with." "John McCain does not do what is popular he does what he thinks is right."

Fergus Cullen (NH GOP Chairman): "I'm disappointed that he (Fred Thompson) specifically tired his announcement to avoid this debate. New Hampshire voters expect to see the candidates." "Governor Huckabee continues to distinguish himself from the rest of the field." "It seems that Romney, McCain and Rudy are afraid to make a mistake."