Monday, September 03, 2007

Obama: We Need To Turn The Page

Today, Barack Obama used a Labor Day rally to hone his message of change versus experience and urged American to "turn the page."

Obama opened his speech by arguing that to solve problems, America must begin with substantive change.

"Because to meet America’s challenges, changing parties isn’t change enough. We need something new. We need to turn the page."

Obama also used the Manchester speech to sharply criticize Hillary Clinton and her argument that her years in Washington enable her to bring real change to America.

Speaking before 1,500 supporters, Obama said “There are those who tout their experience working the system in Washington – but the problem is that the system in Washington isn’t working for us and hasn’t for a long time.”

The Illinois Senator also sought to push back against those who argue he lacks the experience needed to be president.

“There were a couple of guys named Cheney and Rumsfeld who had two of the longest resumes in Washington and they led us into the worst foreign policy fiasco in our history. Time served doesn’t guarantee judgment. A resume does nothing about character.”

He went on to add that “Well I might not have the experience Washington likes, but I believe I have the experience America needs right now.”

Obama also used the speech to discuss his optimistic view of the future, saying “Now, when the folks in Washington hear me speak, this is usually when they start rolling their eyes. ‘Oh, there he goes talking about hope again. He’s so na├»ve. He’s a hope peddler. He’s a hope-monger.’ Well I stand guilty as charged. I am hopeful about America.”