Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Clinton Lays Out Innovation Policies

From the Clinton campaign:

Today, Hillary Clinton laid out innovation policies that will create the jobs of the future, stimulate economic growth, and ensure American leadership in new industries. Hillary’s speech builds on the innovation agenda she announced earlier in the year, which will be critical to creating new, high-wage jobs in our global economy. Innovation is part of the economic blueprint for the 21st Century that Hillary is laying out this week to rebuild America’s middle class.

Hillary’s Innovation Agenda Will:
§ Establish a national broadband strategy called Connect America
§ Create a $50 billion Strategic Energy Fund
§ Double the budget for basic and applied research at major federal agencies, and encourage more high-risk, high-reward projects
§ Strengthen education from pre-K to post-graduate study
§ Make the R&E tax credit permanent
§ Restore integrity to science policy by ending the Bush Administration’s war on science