Saturday, October 13, 2007

Edwards Delivers "Returning Washington to Regular People" Address

From The Edwards Campaign:

Today, at a town hall in Keene, Senator John Edwards delivered a major policy address unveiling his proposal for Returning Washington to Regular People. Edwards’ three-pronged approach calls for strengthening the voice of ordinary citizens through election reform, reforming campaign finance to strengthen small donors, and ending the unique power of lobbyists.

“The American people are sick and tired of business as usual,” said Edwards. “Lobbyists and the special interests they represent are pouring millions of dollars into the system, corrupting our democracy and stopping the change we need dead in its tracks. With all the money flooding into politics, you’d think that instead of holding elections we were auctioning our leaders off to the highest bidders. Our founding fathers intended our government to do the will of the people, but regular people can’t afford a voice in today’s pay-to-play Washington."

The Edwards plan would:
-Reforming Campaign Finance to Strengthen Small Donors
-Ending the Unique Power of Lobbyists
-Strengthening the Voice of Ordinary Citizens