Saturday, October 13, 2007

Romney Comments Criticized By McCain, Huckabee

This weekend almost 400 people spend a Saturday afternoon listening to speeches from John McCain, Dennis Kucinich and Mike Huckabee. The participates of the “Global Warming & Energy Solutions,” heard energy policies from the three presidential candidates.

McCain told the crowd that they participating in a noble cause and said “what you are doing here will never be adequately recognized.”

After his speech, McCain continued his assault on Mitt Romney. Earlier on Saturday McCain told a group of Republicans “As we all know when he ran for office in Massachusetts being a Republican wasn't much of a priority for him.” McCain's comments came a day after Romney told a crowd in Nevada that "conservatives that have heard me time and again recognize that I do speak for the Republican wing of the Republican Party."

Speaking to reporters the Arizona Senator said that Romney’s and Giuliani’s, lack of appearance at the conference was “the crime of the century” and that voters should examine candidates’ voting records, to determine who the ‘real Republican' is.

The debate over Romney’s comments continued with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee said, “I’ve never had to change my position on major Republican concerns, never ran away from Ronald Reagan, never ran away from the second amendment, never ran away from the sanctity of life, never ran away from traditional family values.” He added that “authenticity matters and there’s an authenticity with me.”

In addition, at the same time that McCain launched his attack on Romney, an individual was passing out pamphlets highlighting Romney’s change of position on the second amendment. The literature was passed out at a gun show, which was also taking place at the same venue.