Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Obama At Mack's Apples

The following campaign event summary was submitted by Stacy Hinkley. Stacy attended Barack Obama's Londonderry town hall forum.

There is only one candidate so far in my life that I have felt the need " to do all I can do" for. Today I was not only able to get the day off to show my support for Senator Obama, but had the fun experience of volunteering for the event held at Mack's apples. The crowd was in my opinion mixed and curious. They want to know Senator Obama.

For me , Barack Obama has the essential element of truth. He says it like it is. There seem to be no games played when he talks, no phony cell phone calls from the wife, no say what they want to hear speeches. I am impressed with his style and need to inform the American people about the truth. He is the only reason I am involved in this round of the political process. He is not only a candidate touting hope, but also far stronger than that, he shows us average people we do have a voice, and YES we do count!