Thursday, October 11, 2007

Clinton Unveils Higher Ed Plan

Today, Hillary Clinton unveiled her higher education plan to make college make more affortable to Americans.

Here are the talking points:

-If you are one of the 13,000 New Hampshire high school seniors and considering going to college, or if you are one of the approximately 70,000 students already attending college, you can benefit from a new $3,500 tax credit.
-If you are among the 13,038 New Hampshire residents receiving federal Pell Grants you will likely benefit from Hillary’s plan to increase the maximum Pell Grant
-If you are one of the more than 14,000 New Hampshire students enrolled in two-year programs or you are thinking of going to a community college, you will benefit from Hillary’s plan to strengthen community colleges
-If you are having trouble graduating from college, Hillary will create incentives for your institution to help you get your diploma by creating a Graduation Fund.
-If you are a New Hampshire student who has demonstrated a dedication to public service by participating in America Hillary will make it easier for you to afford college.
-As you apply to colleges and determine how you will pay for your education, Hillary will make it easier for you to apply for financial aid.