Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Man From The Land of Lincoln Favors Honest Abe

Today, Barack Obama held a town hall meeting at Londondery's Mack's Apples. After a speech on energy reform, Obama took thirtheen audience questions. The questions touched upon trade with Peru, health care for the uninsured and his decision making process.

When asked who his favorite president is Obama responded, "I’m suppose I’m bias because I’m from Illinois. But there’s a tall skinny guy who Washington folks didn’t have much experience, who served in the state legislature for a few years and Congress before running for President."

Obama added,"I’m a great admirer of Lincoln’s, not because he’s perfect. He was cautious and slow to the cause of emancipation, he was a politician in that sense. He never got too far ahead of the northern states. But he’s somebody who had the capacity to draw on the best of the American people."

In case you can't tell, the photo is a picture of Barack Obama's face cropped onto a picture of Abraham Lincoln.