Friday, October 26, 2007

Gravel Turns To Craigslist For Help

Tip of the hat too The Union Leader's Drew Cline for picking this up.

A supporter of Mike Gravel has posted an ad on Craigslist asking for help putting up yard signs.

Here is the ad:

Need people Put up Yard signs (Yard by Yard for Mike Gravel)

"We are looking for willing and able people to put up yard signs all over the state. This is privet effort to support Mike Grave we plan on signing the state with 2000 sign by the end of the month so let get to it. (we have five people already and we are looking for another 10) What we are looking for is people who have door to door experience and or feel that the comfortable asking people if the may put up a sign to support Mr Gravel for President. We want people with trucks because we have 4x8 signs we want to get up.. (also 2X2 and 2x4) a digital camera is a necessity to so us your good work. also gps is plus."

Here's another ad:

Placing Mike Gravel Signs $$$ cash

"I support Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. I will pay $25 to install a yard sign on your property. Urban areas and places with maximum traffic preferred. If you have a property with roadside view in New Hampshire email me your address and I will have a sign installed on your property and put $25 in an envelope in your mailbox so you can go have a beer or two with a friend and talk about Mike Gravel's candidacy. All I ask is that you keep the sign visible and spread the word."

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