Tuesday, October 23, 2007

NH Dems: NH GOP Has Given Up on Primary

Statement from the New Hampshire Democratic Party:

On Wednesday, October 24, RNC Chairman Mike Duncan will appear at a NH GOP fundraiser at Former Gov. and Mrs. John H. Sununu's estate in Hampton Falls. The former Governor's son, John E. Sununu, is facing an extremely tough and expensive re-election. Only yesterday, the RNC executive committee recommended that New Hampshire Republicans be punished for intending to comply with state law and hold their primary on the date that Secretary of State Bill Gardner names. Senators Sununu and Gregg are on the host committee.

"Just when it looked like it couldn't get worse for the NH GOP, it has," said Raymond Buckley, Chair of NH Democratic Party. "Apparently they are desperate for money because in the same week that the RNC has threatened to take away NH GOP delegates, they are holding a fundraiser with the RNC Chairman Mike Duncan. Asking Duncan to headline a political event in NH is like asking Cheney to headline a gun safety conference."

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