Friday, October 26, 2007

Obama Builds Grassroots Campaign

From The Obama Campaign:

Senator Barack Obama's campaign will continue to build our grassroots movement this weekend with organizing activities around the state. Here's a look at the events coming up in the next few days:

House Parties for Undecided Voters
The campaign routinely hosts house parties to give undecided voters the opportunity to learn more about Obama from staff and supporters. Upcoming house parties include the following:

In Hampton tonight, campaign Co-Chair and State Senator Martha Fuller Clark will explain why she sees Obama as the most effective change agent in the race.

On Saturday in Claremont, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran Will Dismukes will discuss the courage and judgment Obama showed in opposing the Iraq War from the start.

Sunday evening in Windham, voters will discuss healthcare and learn about Obama's plan to cover every American and save the typical family up to $2,500 per year in health care costs.

Organizing Meetings Around the State
At more than 90 meetings around New Hampshire this weekend, Granite Staters will learn about the many ways to continue growing our grassroots movement for change.

Energizing Deval Patrick's Grassroots Base
In the wake of the endorsement rally—which drew more than 9,500 in Boston Common— the campaign has signed up nearly 2,000 new Bay State volunteers.

Busloads of those volunteers will head northbound on Saturday to speak with voters in the Derry and Portsmouth areas about why the believe Obama's strong, principled leadership will bring about real change.

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