Friday, October 26, 2007

Rasmussen: Romney Expands Lead in New Hampshire

A new Rasmussen poll has Mitt Romney expanding his New Hampshire lead. The poll also refutes the St. Anselm's poll that had Ron Paul ahead of Huckabee and Thompson. This poll shows Paul tied with Duncan Hunter and 2 percent.

"Romney now has support from 28% of Likely Primary Voters while Giuliani earns the vote from 19%. McCain at 16% and Huckabee at 10% are the only other Republicans in double digits. Thompson attracts just 6% of the vote and is trailed by Tom Tancredo (3%), Ron Paul (2%), and Duncan Hunter (2%). Fourteen percent (14%) remain undecided.

The current New Hampshire poll finds that roughly half of the potential voters for this first-in-the-nation primary are open to changing their mind."

Election 2008: New Hampshire Republican Primary

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