Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ron Paul Beats Thompson, Huckabee In New Hampshire Poll

A new poll conducted by St. Anselm College's New Hampshire Institute of Politics shows Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney leading their respective fields.

The survey of 1, 514 likely primary voters also has Ron Paul beating Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee. The Texas Congressman recently began airing radio ads.

Here are the poll results:


Clinton: 42.6%
Obama: 21.5%
John Edwards: 13.9%


Romney: 32.4%
Giuliani: 21.8%
McCain: 15.2%
Paul 7.4%

The survey conducted by SRBI Research finds that 41% of undeclared voters play to vote in the Democratic primary, while 19% say they will vote in the Republican primary. For those interested the poll also shows Clinton leading among men, women, Protestants, liberals, Catholics, moderates and conservatives who plan on voting in the Democratic primary.

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Anonymous said...

When will the Republican establisment see that Ron Paul is the "real deal". It seems the kingmakers have their sights on the wrong candidates.