Monday, December 03, 2007

AP/Pew Poll: Clinton Dominates In New Hampshire

A new AP/Pew New Hampshire poll has Hillary Clinton leading Barack Obama by 19 points.

The poll finds that Iraq and health care are the top issues for Democratic voters.

Also, "New Hampshire voters who have not attended college favor Clinton over Obama by a 52% to 16% margin, while the vote is divided almost evenly (27% to 22%, respectively) among those with college degrees."

"The survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, in collaboration with
the Associated Press, was conducted Nov. 7-25 among 594 likely voters in New Hampshire’s Jan. 8 Democratic primary."

Since the poll was conducted over a month means it’s actually an earlier poll than the ones released at the end of last week and it took them a week to release the results.

Here are the full results:

Clinton: 38%
Obama: 19%
Edwards: 15%
Richardson: 10%
Kucinich: 4%
Biden: 2%
Dodd: 1%

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GranitePolitics said...

This is not actually a "new AP/Pew New Hampshire poll." This is a newly released "AP/Pew New Hampshire poll." And from what more recent polls say, an obsolete poll.

As you were correct to note, this poll took place over nineteen days, beginning almost a month ago. At this point in the process, any poll that covers more than a week, or is more than a week old, is of little value.