Monday, December 03, 2007

Operation Live Free or Die Helping Organize Paul Volunteers

A national group called "Operation Live Free or Die," is helping recruit volunteers to visit New Hampshire and volunteer for Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

On their website the group's mission states "The aim of this effort is to gather over one thousand of Ron Paul's most enthusiastic, dedicated supporters from around the country and have them converge on New Hampshire in the days and weeks leading up to the State's primary. Volunteers will coordinate with meetup groups and the official campaign in New Hampshire to canvass, distribute information, organize rallies and generally give Ron Paul's campaign the largest active support base in the State."

Members of the group have been seen standing outside rival Republican campaign events and members often take video of the events.

Kate Rick, Paul's New Hampshire spokeswoman, told us "Operation Live Free or Die is not affiliated with the campaign; members may be canvassing with other volunteers, but we wouldn't be aware of any distinction."

She added "Our reaction to self-organizing volunteer groups is excitement. Obviously, the message of liberty and the Constitution is resonating--in New Hampshire and across the country."

So far the group has recruited 405 volunteers.

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