Monday, December 03, 2007

GOP State Rep Alleges MoveOn.Org Influencing New Hampshire Elections

Last week, Bedford Republican State Representative Mark Clark called Rush Limbaugh's show and alleged that the group is influencing New Hampshire elections.

Clark said " was here in huge numbers in the last primary, and in the general election."

The two claimed that the Democrats are bringing people from out of state to vote in New Hampshire elections in an attempt to swing the vote and cited recent changes to the voting law.

After Clark's appearance, a former New Hampshire selectman called and said " I'd like to bring out a fact that the guys that called originally about the voting in New Hampshire, is way out of line. In order for you to vote in New Hampshire, whether it's a primary or an election, you have to register. You can register on the same day that you vote. However, you cannot register unless you have proof of residency and proof of where you live." We have been unable to identify this caller.

Clark told us that he does not have any direct evidence but does have "anecdotal" evidence. He said "they're suppose to check IDs but they often don't. They checked mine but I saw people who they didn't check."

"The problem is with Bill Gardner who won't prosecute these people," he added.

Clark called in to the show in response to an Associated Press article which described the relatively easy voter registration process. In the article "David Scanlan, New Hampshire's deputy secretary of state, acknowledged the law is ambiguous about prohibiting people from voting in more than one state. But he insisted there are no widespread problems."

Here is a link to the show transcript:
Can Anyone Really Vote in New Hampshire?

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Anonymous said...

What Mark Clark is saying is of course TRUE.

Geoff Wetrosky, who is here again working for Hillary, voted illegally in an election a few years back and nothing was done to him.

People from Canada were caught voting in Greenfield NH in the last election and information about this has been provided to our SOS who does NOTHING about it.