Monday, December 03, 2007

Clinton Health Group Wants Obama To Support Universal Coverage

From The Clinton Campaign:

Ten Granite State health care professionals today released the text of an open letter addressed to Senator Barack Obama. The letter calls attention to the fact that Senator Obama’s plan would leave 15 million Americans uninsured and urges him to support universal health care.

Dear Senator Obama,

As health care professionals who routinely care for those who cannot afford health insurance, we are writing to urge you to support universal health care in your campaign. Universal coverage is recognized as the essential element needed to initiate meaningful change in our crippled health care system. We understand from first hand experience the dangers of going without basic care. Every day many of our patients wake up hoping that they can get through the day without needing medical treatment that they can’t afford.

Hillary Clinton has introduced a health care plan that will cover every American. Her plan provides people with the choice of keeping their own insurance or selecting another quality plan. We know that you have introduced a health care plan, but it doesn’t cover all of us. In fact, your plan would leave 15 million Americans without insurance. Moreover, we were saddened to read that your campaign thinks that proposing universal health care is excessively ambitious.

As the only Democratic presidential candidate to not propose universal health care, we hope that you will rethink your health care plan. If we do not act quickly to ensure health coverage for every man, woman, and child in our great nation, insurance will grow even more unattainable for so many people just like our patients. We believe that universal health care is an achievable goal – and we want all of the Democratic presidential candidates to show they are willing to work tirelessly until all of the 150,000 uninsured New Hampshire residents have health care.

Hillary has pledged to use her strength and experience fighting special interests to make this dream a reality – will you?

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