Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NH NEA To Endorse Clinton, Huckabee

According to NBC/National Journal's Tricia Miller:

"The 16,000-member New Hampshire affiliate of the National Education Association has chosen to recommend to its members Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary and Mike Huckabee in the Republican primary, according to a source within the state NEA. This is the first time the state affiliate has picked a candidate in the GOP primary, and it follows Huckabee’s showing as the only Republican who spoke to the NEA convention in July."

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tadly said...

Shows the NEA doesn't have any common sense. No wonder our childeren aren't learning in School.
Hillary is a socialist, with proven connections to the Chinese military through Norman Hsu and Johnny Chung.
She and her campaign team has been caught red handed placing supporters in the audience at events to ask questions that make her look good.
If I were caught doing this in school, I would have been expelled..... Great teaching, great examples