Wednesday, December 05, 2007

WashPost Poll: Romney Leads By Almost 2 to 1

A ABC/Washington Post poll has Mitt Romney leading the Republican field.

The poll shows "Romney also scores high on the issues. On six out of eight issues, he holds significant leads. By a 25-percentage-point margin, Romney is viewed as tops on the economy, and he has large advantages over his closest rival on health care (24 points), taxes (20 points), social issues such as abortion and same-sex civil unions (18 points), the budget (20 points), and immigration issues (15 points).

Romney has his weaknesses, however, on other top issues. Giuliani and McCain (31 percent each) outpace Romney (17 percent) as the candidate most trusted on terrorism. McCain has an edge on Iraq, with 36 percent calling him best on this issue, compared with 20 percent each for Giuliani and Romney."

Romney: 37%
McCain: 20%
Giuliani: 16%
Huckabee: 9%
Paul: 8%
Thompson: 4%

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