Friday, December 07, 2007

Edwards Announces Health Care Plan

From The Edwards Campaign:

As part of "Building a Better America Week," John Edwards announced today a bold policy to improve the quality of health care in America by taking on health insurance companies and preventing the abuses and gaps in health coverage that put millions of Americans at risk.

"My proposal for universal health care will cover every man, woman and child in America – but that's not enough," said Edwards. "Right now, even families that have health insurance are often unprotected from catastrophic events, as insurers reject legitimate claims, impose coverage caps, and look for technicalities to cancel policies.

"The truth is, the American health care system is broken because wealthy health insurance corporations and their lobbyists have rigged the system against the American people," continued Edwards. "I have spent my entire life fighting and beating those same special interest groups to protect the rights of regular Americans, and that's exactly what I'll do as president."

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