Saturday, December 08, 2007

Notes on The New Hampshire Democratic State Committee Meeting

Today at Saint Anselm College, the New Hampshire Democratic State Committee met to approve a budget and discuss a variety of issues.

Here are some bullet points:

-The Dems were able to raise $500 for a food kitchen and contribute a sizable amount of food for a local food bank.
-The party is not authorizing anyone to represent the party at the polls on primary day. Members complaint that, in the past, officials would help a particular candidate with their GOTV operations.
-There was much discussion over the pay level for the Executive Director along with concerns about staffers not being reimbursed for mileage.
-The Dems have hired a Deputy Finance Director, two Regional Field Directors, a Political Director and a Deputy Political Director.
-Chairman Buckley told us that the NH Dems hope to capitalize on independents voting in the Democratic presidential primary. “If they do what the polls are saying, it’d be a great indication to show we can get in November.”
-Chairman Buckley also told us that the party does not have a number one target. Rather “all our candidates our treated equally,” he said.

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