Monday, December 03, 2007

New Yorkers Give Rudy A Helping Hand

On November 25th, Rudy Giuliani's campaign bussed in four bus loads of supporters from New York City to attend an event in Hampton.

Pat Brian, who took a video of the buses, told us he was talking with a group of Rudy supporters and "It was during this discussion that we learned all about how they had been bussed up from New York city, how the campaign had called them up and gotten them to come ride the buses up to New Hampshire to make this appearance." Brian is a part of the group Operation Live Free or Die.

In response to the video, a Giuliani spokesman sent us a New York Post article which describes a group of supporters who come every Saturday to volunteer for Rudy's campaign.

Bringing in out of state volunteers is not breaking news. In fact, last night in Boston Barack Obama urged supporters to travel north and volunteer for his New Hampshire campaign.

A rival Republican campaign said "we're proud we can fill events with New Hampshire voters. As opposeed to shipping them in from other states."

Here is a video showing Rudy's buses:

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