Wednesday, January 09, 2008

GOP Write-Ins Beat Fred Thompson

An interesting note in tonight's election, write-ins did better than former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson.

Total Republican write-ins received 3,987 votes (2%), while Fred Thompson garnered 2,768 votes (1%).

Thompson is apparently not worried about his lackluster performance because tonight, in South Carolina, he told supporters "All of my buddies who are running for president this year are up freezing in New Hampshire tonight. You know, shivering around, walking around, there are snowbanks up to about right here. And I'm in South Carolina. Now who do you think is smart enough to be president?"


Anonymous said...

And Fred is Right! Get Real, he could not get in the race until his contract was up with NBC. And he got in when it was traditional to do so. So this is where Fred shines, he is a Realist! He knew he did not have time to campaign there so he took it to where he will do good for himself. To SC same as Giuliani went to Florida. And it appears McCain, Huckabee, and Giuliani felt Wyoming was not important for Thompson won 2nd place there and he took 3rd place in Iowa when everyone said McCain would beat him bad. So sorry your little hit peace won't work!

Your so laughable, Fred has now a silver and a bronze so he is doing quite well. Esp. considering only 1% of America has voted so far and we still have 99% more votes to go. And he is smarter then the rest of them. He is taking his voice to the people he can take it to right now in this campaign and he will do great by doing so.

FRedNeck!! said...

Um, the real story is that Fred did not campaign in NH at all and still got the 1%!!!

Eric Rowe said...

Who got all these write-in votes? In Londonderry write-ins amounted to more votes than any candidates received besides only McCain and Romney!

I8Fred08 said...

Dear Fredneck:

Um, the real story is... "Fred is DEAD!"


Boo hoo!

Oh yeah, Ron Paul!