Monday, December 17, 2007

700 NH Students Have Already Voted for Obama

From The Obama Campaign:

Senator Barack Obama’s New Hampshire campaign announced today that more than 700 New Hampshire students have already voted for Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary. Students at campuses around the state are taking advantage of the absentee balloting to make sure their voices are heard in this critical election.

The Obama campaign has been working with students across New Hampshire to organize the campus vote:
-The campaign employs 8 full-time organizers devoted to reaching out to students voters.
-New Hampshire Students for Barack Obama has chapters on 12 campuses around the state.
-Students at these universities have knocked on more than 17,000 doors and made more than 18,000 calls to speak with their fellow students about why they believe Senator Obama is the candidate that will bring about real change for our country.
-More than 100 students participated in 3-on-3 basketball tournaments and voter registration drives at UNH, Keene State, Dartmouth, and SNHU

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Anonymous said...

"taking advantage of the absentee balloting"

In both ways.