Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rudy Airs "Holiday Wishes"

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced the launch of a new television ad, entitled "Holiday Wishes." The ad begins airing tomorrow in New Hampshire.

Script for "Holiday Wishes":

MAYOR GIULIANI: "There are many things I wish for this holiday season. I wish for peace with strength. Secure borders. A government that spends less than it takes in. Lower taxes for our businesses and families. And I really hope, that all of the presidential candidates can just get along.

SANTA CLAUS: "Ho, ho, ho, ho. I was with you right up until that last one. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho."

MAYOR GIULIANI: "Can't have everything! I'm Rudy Giuliani and I approved this message. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!"

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