Friday, December 21, 2007

Clinton Releases New Radio Ad

From The Clinton Campaign:

The Clinton campaign today launched a new radio ad in New Hampshire , showcasing Hillary’s ability to reach across party lines and talk about the issues that matter to all Americans.

In the new 60-second spot, Steve Walter, a registered Republican from Londonderry , discusses his support for Senator Clinton. Steve’s son Alex suffers from diabetes, and could benefit from stem cell research. Steve participated in a stem cell forum with Senator Clinton at Dartmouth College, and believes Senator Clinton is a real leader that’s going to help Alex and a hundreds of other Americans that suffer from chronic disease.

Listen to the ads here:

“Stem Cell” --

Following are the script for the ad.

Steve Walter:
My son Alex is eleven years old. You know, if you know him he’s a great kid, he’s a super athlete and extremely bright. But he also struggles with a chronic disease - Type 1 Diabetes.

Stem cell research is really our hope in making sure that we eliminate this disease.

Hillary Clinton says its time to end George Bush’s war on science and invest in stem cell research.

Steve Walter:
I met Senator Clinton at a town hall meeting at Dartmouth College and she had the opportunity to meet Alex and I think it was a great exchange. She shows a lot of compassion for people.

I believe Senator Clinton is a real leader in stem cell research and that’s going to help Alex and a hundred other Americans that suffer from chronic disease.

As President, Hillary Clinton will lift George Bush’s stem cell ban and let American scientists once again take the lead on this important research.

Steve Walter:
I’m a registered Republican from New Hampshire but I plan to vote for Senator Clinton because she supports Stem Cell research and that’s going to help kids like Alex.

If you’re ready for change she’s ready to lead.

Paid for by Hillary Clinton for President.

Senator Clinton: I’m Hillary Clinton, candidate for President, and I’ve approved this message.

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