Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Clinton Beefs-Up New Hampshire Press Office

Apparently, Hillary Clinton's New Hampshire campaign headquarters is becoming "the place to be."

Today it was reported that Clinton spokeswoman Kathleen Strand will be receiving from additional help and a veteran Democratic operative has finished reviewing the Clemons GOTV operation.

The Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman is reporting that Doug Hatthaway will be lending a helping hand to Clinton's New Hampshire press shop.

Hatthaway is a former New Hampshire spokesman for Al Gore's 2000 campaign and is an advisor to Jeanne Shaheen.

Hatthaway told Zuckman that he will be doing "anything I can to help during the crunch time. There's a lot to do."

This report follows news that legendary Democratic campaign operative Michael Whouley has finished a review of Clinton's Granite State field operation.

Earlier this week, Marc Ambinder wrote that the "field organization put together by state director Nick Clemons, apparently passed Whouley's bow-to-stern inspection."

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