Saturday, December 22, 2007

Clinton Announces Support from 3,500 Women

From The Clinton Campaign:

As Senator Clinton attends “Moms and Daughters Making History” events in the Granite State today with her own mother Dorothy Rodham, and daughter, Chelsea Clinton, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign announced the names of over 3,500 Women for Hillary. With less than 20 days until the primary, the announcement is yet another sign of the momentum the Clinton campaign continues to build across the state.

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Anonymous said...

Hillary, of course, is free to campaign where she sees fit. But isolating on women sends the wrong signal. I'm a loyal HRC fan and hope she does well, but the electorate is too divided for her to be conspicuously playing the gender card. What if the men appealed specifically to men's groups in the same way?

To me, this tactic only means that she's using all the cards in her deck way too early.