Monday, December 31, 2007

Clinton Announces New Year's Day Blitz

From The Clinton Campaign:

With just eight days left until the primary, and only one until 2008, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign is gearing up for a statewide New Year’s Day Grassroots Blitz. At noon on Tuesday, January 1st, the campaign will kick off canvasses at 16 regional offices.

The campaign also unveiled a new web video outlining Senator Clinton’s priorities for the New Year. The new 31-second video, entitled “Countdown,” lays out her plan to create a new beginning for the New Year for all Americans by providing universal healthcare, bringing our troops home and fixing our broken economy. America faces big challenges today and in the coming years and it’s time for a President who will truly lead our country back to greatness.


Patty PT said...

Well done... quite succinct.
Hopefully this will be more than just promises... they will become policies!

Patty PT said...


We who have fathers and husbands, in my case, who have served in the military truly appreciate your Holiday/Christmas message.

It was a pleasure to see you near our little home town in Milford, NH's Chowder House Cafe right before Christmas. How grand to have your Mom and Daughter, Chelsea with you as well.

Don't forget to get your rest, as this is a long road and I think you've got a great start!

Peace~ Patty PT