Thursday, January 03, 2008

Romney Wants NH Voters To "Remember" McCain's Record

Mitt Romney has released a new television ad titled "Remember". The thirty-second ad features New Hampshire citizens criticizing John McCain's record.

ROMNEY: "I'm Mitt Romney and I approved this message."
BOB DUFFY: "I believe John McCain's war record is outstanding."
MARIE PALING: "He's a true patriot and has served his country long and well."
BOB DUFFY: "However, his record in the US Senate leaves a lot to be desired."
GENE BOIS: "John McCain has been one of those Republicans that have been wrong on tax cuts."
RAY BRUN: "Opposing tax cuts that would have helped our family, supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants, taking jobs away from Americans."
COLLETT HILL: "He wrote the amnesty bill that America rejected."
BOB DEGANGE: "He's not really listened to the American people."
MARIE PALING: "He's had his chance in Washington to make things better."

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