Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clinton's Primary GOTV

From The Clinton Campaign:

The New Hampshire campaign’s 17 statewide offices – more than any other campaign in the state – are buzzing with activity. This weekend over 200 staff and thousands of volunteers will hit the streets across the Granite State, knocking on over 100,000 doors. Over the past months, the campaign has also made more than 1.4 million calls to voters and volunteers have sent out over 100,000 neighbor-to-neighbor letters, asking fellow Granite Staters to vote for Hillary.

The campaign will also reach voters as they drive down major New Hampshire roadways and read their local papers. The campaign unveiled nine billboards across the state and will run seven full page ads in daily newspapers on Sunday, January 6.

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duke said...

Obama is not mature enough to run for president. During last nights debate when asked a question about what the GOP candidates were saying about him he seemed flustered and admitted on national television that he did not watch the previous debate he was watching a football game on TV! Was that more important than learning how to beat his rivals?
I went to see him talk in Manning,SC. I sat next to some local police and security staff. They were talking amoungst themselves and were saying that Obama was joking backstage and had them in stitches. I want a president who is talking about local issues with local voters when he comes to visit SC, not joking to amuse himself. This does not seem like the actions of a mature individual who I want leading my country!