Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Kucinich Airs Two Radio Ads

From The Kucinich Campaign:

The two radio advertisements, titled "A Real Democrat," and "Vote for YourHealth," are being broadcast to over a dozen radio stations in the state andacross the region. In the ads, the Congressman challenges the otherDemocratic candidates and distinguishes himself on issues of majorimportance to all Americans.

The first ad begins: "They have taken impeachment off the table. And they won't end the war in Iraq. They have been ready to go to war against Iran. Now they are talking about sending our troops to Pakistan. Republicans? NO. These are the Democratic leaders in Washington I'm talking about."Kucinich goes on to explain how he's the kind of Democrat who will fight for our democracy. He finishes, "If I'm your kind of Democrat, then I'll be your kind of President. A courageous vote is the only vote worth casting."

In the healthcare spot, the Congressman discusses the failings of the other candidates' health plans, before reminding voters: "You want health care for your family. Now can vote for it. I'm the only one running with a bill to create a not for profit system, HR676, Medicare for all."

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