Saturday, January 05, 2008

Draft Gore Ends Their Efforts

Draft Gore, the only statewide organization dedicated to getting voters to Al Gore's name on the New Hampshire primary ballot, has ended their efforts.

In an e-mail the organization states "Active efforts to "write in" Al Gore's name on the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday have been terminated."

The volunteer group now wants supporters to vote for a candidate who "most closely shares the values and global vision of Nobelist Al Gore."

An official candidate endorsement is under consideration.


Linda in SFNM said...

It's better to have all or nothing.

Linda in SFNM said...

Edwards is our future. His issues are OUR ISSUES. The chance to start rebuilding our country and future.

It's all about dealing with our responsibility as Americans. What kind of change do you want. Anyone can use that word (and are they). But do you just want a new face on the same old government, or do you want to move us forward and secure our country.

John Edwards check list is MY LIST-for sure!

To do list

Global Warming
Health Care
Jobs and Poverty