Saturday, January 05, 2008

Romney As The Change Agent

Mitt Romney has shifted his stump speech from discussing the “four walls” that keep America strong to now arguing that he is a candidate who can bring about change and deliver results.

Romney told a crowd of 250 Manchester citizens that he announced his presidential run in Detroit Michigan because he “wanted the symbolism of change to be a part of my campaign.”

“I think people recognize that sending the same people back to Washington is not going to change Washington. If you want to see change in Washington it’s going to take someone who knows how to change things,” he added.

Ranging from his time in Salt Lake City to helping establish universal healthcare in Massachusetts, Romney offered a laundry list of accomplishments to argue that he is the best candidate to change Washington D.C.

The former Bay State Governor ended his speech by telling voters “You can bring change.”

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Alex Chediak said...

Is the debate this weekend being broadcast on FOX? CNN? You Tube?