Monday, December 31, 2007

Obama To Rally At Concord High School

The day after the Iowa caucuses Barack Obama will hold a rally at Concord High School.

Friday, January 4th

Concord High School
170 Warren St.
Concord, NH


Anonymous said...

it wasn't really all that great, and he didn't make any really good points. he said only a few things about what he's going to do for america, he even said from the beginning of the rally, that he would speak for the next minutes to get people's votes. and i believe that that's the only reason he was there. sorry obama, but i don't really see much of a term in your future.

Elise said...

I beg to differ...

For a guy that got only a few hours' sleep and had just come from two other appearances in Nashua and Portsmouth, I thought Obama was stupendous in Concord.

Hell yeah, he's still stumping for votes. Why wouldn't he? One of the reasons he won Iowa is he's taken nothing for granted (more than I can say for Hillary!).

Anonymous said...

This event was great, his speech was great... the crowd was really into it. He had strong points again and he is not corrut and dishonest like Hillary

Anonymous said...

I thought he was great. Not only that, but the support given shows how much people agree with him.
When he asked who was undecided, about 15 hands went up. This means, either everyone in that room supported him, or people waited in line for 2 hours just to see a candidate that they didn't support. Barak knows he has supporters, he's just trying to get them to voice their opinion. To get them from their couch to the voting booths.