Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Video of Obama Volunteers

From The Obama Campaign:

After ten months of building a statewide grassroots organization in the Granite State, the Obama campaign is launching an unprecedented final push leading up to Election Day. At each of our 16 offices around the state, volunteers are making phone calls, knocking on doors, delivering signs to new supporters, and preparing for Senator Obama’s final visit to the state.



I beileave the most consumate professional in the world of politics is Dennis Kucinich.
Will Mr Obama remember that a Department of Peace is essential to a bright and possitive future for this country?
The most integral man in the the world of Politics is Kucinich. Where is he on this website? Does New Hampshire have a strong base for him?
I will support Obama if he is the nom. But he should look to Dennis, for words of PEACE and DIPLOMACY!
That's where I'm at.


It would be nice to have a REAL president for a change. One who can speak eliquently and clearly.
OBAMA/Kucinich in 08 !