Saturday, January 05, 2008

Press Hearts Edwards

The press center is eating-up John Edwards attack on the status quo.

Press room erupted in laughter with Richardson's line "I've been in hostages situations more frindlier than this."


Anonymous said...

Sen Edwards has no meaningful accomplishments while he was in the senate, so i am completely baffled when he keeps bringing up the fact that he will bring change. Some one needs to ask him, what/how change are u talking about.

Anonymous said...

If you read and listen to the news you would know what Sen Edwards stand for, there are plenty of people that are ready to attack without thinking or knowinfg anyting at all and you are one of those, as well as the President of this country who just came out and said on TV that our "economy is strong and solid".....did you hear that one?

Anonymous said...

And does Obama or Clinto!

TXsharon said...

Edwards has a long history of fighting the very elements he mentions that have a strangle hold on our government--lobbyists, special interest groups and mega corporations. He has a proven track record of success.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you google "patients' bill of rights" for starters. The ones who are full of hot air are the ones who are afraid to call out the drug and insurance companies. JRE calls them out, AND he's never taken a nickel from any of them!

Skip Bogard said...

Mr./Ms. Anonymous of 5 posts back,

Senator Edwards has many accomplishments as a U.S. Senator.

You can even hear him speak for himself (a short 1:55 video excerpt from last night's New Hampshire debate) on this very subject:

Please keep in mind that not all that a Senator or Congress-person does is sit in D.C. & debate legislation. Your representatives were elected to solve real day-to-day problems that are affecting their constituancy back in their home states. I have even received much personal help from the Independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, and I don't even live in Vermont! I've never even visited Vermont nor met Mr. Sanders in person.

That is what Senators are supposed to do: HELP AMERICAN PEOPLE! And John Edwards is passionate about reaching out to people who have a special need.

Call it what you like (your grandparents might have called it 'pulling strings') it is really just reaching out to your elected officials for assistance). In this capacity, John Edwards influence as a Senator has saved many lives...and, like Bernie Sanders of Vermont, not all of the people John Edwards has helped are only from North (or South) Carolina.

As someone just wrote above, the "Patient's Bill of Rights" legislation promoted by John Edwards, John McCain, & Senator Kennedy passed through the Senate once the Democrats finally regained control of the Senate during this past "4 More Years" of Bushes presidential term.

It's sad that the Governor of California didn't step up to help that young 17 year old girl in need of a liver transplant at a UCLA hospital. Her leukemia was under control after having a successful bone marrow transplant from her brother as donor, but her liver was damaged in the process (this is not uncommon as the chemo-preparation for bone marrow transplants is very hard on livers).

Her insurance company denied the treatment (even though she had a valid health insurance policy by Cigna). You really owe it to yourself to view John Edwards as he addresses the girl's "death by insurance company" here in last nights NH debate:

Thank you for contributing to this discussion,

Harvey "Skip" Bogard

hollywoodextra said...

You've never seen a political ad like this one: