Saturday, January 05, 2008

Spin Me!

The spin-room after the ABC/WMUR debates resembled something between a three-ring circus and a freak show. There were cameramen angling for the perfect shot of surrogates, reporters throwing their microphones at anyone willing to talk and people scratching their heads asking one another: whose this guy and why am I listening to him?

Here is some campaign spin!

Kevin Madden, Mitt Romney’s national press spokesman said Romney was “the best Republican candidate to bring change.”

While Mitt’s New Hampshire campaign director, Jim Merrill, called John McCain’s immigration bill amnesty. “It walks like amnesty, if it talks like amnesty it is amnesty,” he said.

Mark McKinnon, a McCain advisor said Romney is the candidate of change because “he’s changed his positions more than anyone else.”

The Democratic spin was buzzing with change.

New Hampshire Congressman Paul Hodes said “what Senator Obama means by change is a fundamental shift in the way politics is done in this country.”

On the flip side, Clinton spokesman Jay Carson said “these are big issues which is exactly why you can’t have people simply talk about them you need someone who can bring results.”

Surrogating for Bill Richardson, former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand said Richardson was “outstanding” and the New Mexico Governor demonstrated that “he understands diplomacy and how to use it.”

Perhaps University of New Hampshire professor Andrew Smith summed it up best when he said “no one was watching these debates, everyone is watching football.”


Anonymous said...

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L Ron Hubbard said...

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