Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dartmouth CR's Host Ron Paul

Photo Is Courtesy of Mr. Greg Boguslavsky

This summary was submitted by Greg Boguslavsky, the Chairman of the New Hampshire College Republicans. The Dartmouth College Republicans recently hosted Congressman Ron Paul.

Here is Mr. Boguslavsky's summary:

The Dartmouth chapter of the College Republicans hosted Congressman Ron Paul on Saturday, September 29th. Despite competing with the Dartmouth/UPenn football game, an outdoor fraternity party, and a beautiful afternoon, the event drew approximately 80 students. Dr. Paul discussed his views regarding foreign and domestic policy, and the importance of respecting the Constitution. He also took some questions on education, the Iraq War, and the state of his campaign. Students then surrounded the Congressman to ask questions, shake hands, and take pictures; interest was so great that Congressman Paul had to be escorted out of the room in order to make it to his next event.

Dartmouth students once again demonstrated their interest in the political process, and in personally interacting with the candidates. The enthusiasm and excitement generated by the Democratic debate and continued candidate visits will sustain a politically charged environment throughout the fall. At the same time, interest for candidates of both parties and of all ideologies reflects the student body's open mind and desire to hear all points of view.

The College Republicans and the entire campus are eager to welcome many candidates to Dartmouth this fall.