Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lt. Gen. Kennedy Visits Liberty House

Over two days, Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy traveled New Hampshire in her RV.

Kennedy spent two days visiting veteran homes and stumping for New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

On such stop was at Manchester’s “Liberty House.”

According to a pamphlet, Liberty House’s mission is “to promote substance-free transitional housing, daily necessities, and services that enable homeless U.S. Military veterans to achieve self-sufficiency.” However, that mission might be short-lived because the house is in danger of losing funding which would require it to close its doors. The organization is currently attempting to find more money so they do not have to turn away homeless veterans, during the harsh winter months.

Kennedy, joined by State Representatives Eleanor Kgellman and Doreen Howard, toured the ten-person facility and spoke with staff members.

Staff members expressed their frustration about the bureaucratic system, lack of financial resources and a strain on current personnel and resources.

While taking copious notes, Kennedy quizzed staff members on their problems and even offered some advice.

Afterwards, the former Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, said that “we can’t afford, as a society, to turn away from this (the issue of homeless veterans).”

“What Liberty House needs is volunteers…and offer their help in writing grants, doing grant outreach, they need help with finances,” she said.

Kennedy added, “With that said, the short-term issue of financing this place from February on has not been solved.”

Before leaving, Kennedy said that she would write a report and give it to Clinton's senatorial staff.