Thursday, October 04, 2007

Clinton Releases Healthcare Ad, "Stand By Us"

Today, Hillary Clinton's campaign released a 30-second ad entitled "Stand By Us." The ad, according to the Clinton campaign, "describes Hillary’s efforts to pass universal health care in the 1990s and her perseverance in championing the Children’s Health Insurance Program that now covers more than 6 million kids a year."

Following is the script for the ad:

“Stand By Us”


Hillary stood up for universal health care when almost no one else would, and kept standing until six million kids had coverage.

She stood by Ground Zero workers who sacrificed their health after so many sacrificed their lives, and kept standing until this administration took action.

She stood by our National Guard and Reserve and kept standing until they received health care they deserved.

So now that almost every candidate is standing up for health care for all, which one do you think will never back down?

Hillary Clinton: “I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message.”