Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hillary's "Aura of Inevitability"

I recently posted the following piece at NH Insider:

Webster’s defines inevitable as “not able to be avoided or prevented.”

At the beginning of October, some pundits now use “inevitable” to describe the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. That is, her ascendancy to the party’s nomination, and perhaps even the White House, cannot be prevented.

Certainly, if you attend any of her events you witness a top-notch campaign that is operating at a level that other campaigns, both Democratic and Republican, will never be able to match.

In fact, some might subscribe to the theory that the Clinton campaign has been able to create an "aura of inevitability." No matter what Obama or anyone else does, the Hillary machine will keep on rolling.

For us simpletons, it might be easier to compare Clinton to the New England Patriots. The Pats seem to be unstoppable with a combination of Brady/Moss and Belicki’s defensive schemes the other teams mind as well sit home and play Madden.

Yet, the wrench is all of this are the other Democratic candidates.

What if Obama starts closing Hillary’s lead? What if Edwards wins in Iowa or Clinton falters in the Granite State? The “what ifs” go on forever and are unpredictable.

Another sports metaphor. The Mets were deemed to by playoff bound in June. Now, there’ll be watching the games from the couch.

Four months from now will we be comparing Hillary to the dreadful Mets or will her “aura of inevitability” be too much to overcome?

UPDATE: The Drudge Report is reporting that: Hillary Crushes Obama in Third Quarter Dollars: $27 MILLION, Sources Tell DRUDGE REPORT... $22 Million Raised For Primary.... With 100,000 New Donors...