Friday, October 05, 2007

Rudy Alleges Romney Raised Taxes on NH Citizens

Today, Rudy Giuliani's campaign accused Mitt Romney of raising taxes on New Hampshire citizens.

Rudy's campaign released a statement titled "Romney Raised Taxes On Out Of State Commuters – Including Those From New Hampshire – Repeatedly."

"Mitt Romney has no choice but to hide behind false attacks - one look at his record as Governor shows he increased government spending, proposed millions of dollars in tax increases, and even raised taxes on New Hampshire commuters repeatedly." said Katie Levinson, Rudy's Communications Director.

Giuliani's campaign stated that:
-As Governor, Romney Increased Income Taxes On Individuals Who Did Not Reside In Massachusetts, Including On Their Pensions, Deferred Compensation, And Sick And Vacation Pay.

-Romney Imposed State Income And Sales Taxes On Out-Of-State Residents For Their Share of In-State Partnership's Real Estate.