Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cellucci Praised Romney's Tax Record

Today, Mitt Romney's campaign fought back at comments that Paul Cellucci made on Thursday.

Celluci, a former Republican Massachusetts governor, said that Romney's economic record is full of "pretty weak arguments from a governor who in four years really had no tax cuts for the people of Massachusetts."

Celluci made the comments following a Romney event, in which Romney attacked Rudy's record on the line-item veto and New York City's commuter tax.

During a stop in Bedford, the Romney campaign distributed a press release titled "Cellucci Has Praised Romney's Fiscal Responsibility."

The press release listed three quotes from Cellucci, who previously extolled Romney's tax record.

Cellucci said "Romney went in there saying he was going to hold the line of taxes and despite a lot of pressure to raise taxes, he hasn't." The former Canadian ambassador made the comments in a 2005 interview with The Hotline.

The release also had the lines, "On 2004, Cellucci Praised Romney For 'Holding The Line on Taxes" and "Last Year, Cellucci Said Massachusetts 'Has Done Pretty Well With Republican Governors" And That 'The Stake Has Been Driven Into The Heart of The Label Taxacusetts."

This recent attack on Cellucci came after the Romney camp released a statement called "HOW MAYOR GIULIANI WENT TO COURT AND KILLED THE PRESIDENTIAL LINE-ITEM VETO."