Wednesday, November 07, 2007

312 New Hampshire Educators Endorse Clinton

From The Clinton Campaign:

In a yet another demonstration of the growing support Senator Hillary Clinton is receiving throughout the Granite State, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced the names of 312 Educators for Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton has a clear understanding of the improvements that need to be made in our education system,” Karen McDonough, former President of the National Education Association of New Hampshire and Co-chair of Education Leaders for Hillary. “She is actively working to establish universal pre-kindergarten, fully fund programs such as No Child Left Behind and Head Start, and make higher education accessible and affordable.”

As an advocate, First Lady, and United States Senator, Hillary has fought to raise the education standards in our nation’s schools. Hillary is committed to reforming No Child Left Behind (NCLB). In addition to fighting for full funding for NCLB, she is working to ensure the legislation supports early childhood education, improves teacher training, lowers class size, enhances parental involvement, eliminates environmental hazards in schools, and protects the programs that work for America ’s children.

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