Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Clinton Outlines Steps To Stop Global Warming

From The Clinton Campaign:

Hillary Clinton will call on Americans to take action to stop global warming and outline steps they can take to move the U.S. toward energy independence today, at a New Hampshire discussion with home improvement expert Bob Vila.

Hillary’s plan to empower Americans with tools to address global warming and move us toward energy independence, includes:

-Asking Every American to Take a Pledge to Reduce Global Warming and Decrease our Dependence on Foreign Oil
-Issuing new “Energy Independence Bonds”
-Giving Individuals New Tools to Assess their Communities Fight Against Global Warming
-Helping Homeowners Improve the Energy Efficiency of Their Houses
-Calling on Colleges and K-12 Schools to Reduce Emissions on Campus and in Their Communities
-Supporting Healthy, High Performance Schools
-Create a “Climate Star” Program and National Clearinghouse to Help Consumers Evaluate the Global Warming Impacts of Products They Buy
-Using 21st Century “Smart Grid” Technology to Empower Consumers to Become More Energy Efficient
-Setting “Net Metering” Standards and Provide Tax Incentives to Helping Families and Small Business Generate Their Own Renewable Power

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